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Maha Bandhan Ready Mix Plaster

Maha Bandhan Ready Mix Plaster is a pre-mixed ready-to-use cement-based mortar for external plaster, which ensures quality consistency. It is ready-mixed and easy to apply and it also ensures the compaction of interlocking bricks making the bonds stronger and long-lasting. It is specially crafted so that it provides stronger, more durable bonding with superior adhesive strength.



  • It is used on fly ash bricks, concrete blocks, hollow blocks AAC blocks.

  • Pre-mixed and ready to apply

  • No water curing is required after application.

  • Ready for a subsequent application just after 24 hours of application.


  • Less rebound reducing wastage.

  • Reduces drying and shrinkage cracks.

  • Eco Friendly- Reduces water wastage.

  • Consistent quality of plaster.

  • Better quality and good bonding.

  • Improves labour productivity: Reduces labour cost.

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